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The Value of Training Videos

When it comes to video production and marketing, there are lots of different types of videos that you can create for your business. One that seems to be overlooked, or forgotten about all together are training videos. After all, we spend most of our time looking at the videos that we can use for marketing, rather than the videos that can be used internally, perhaps with our employees or staff members.

So, why are training videos important and what value can they bring to your business?

They can be cost-effective

Hiring someone to train a team is a great investment for your business, but they can be costly. What you may not realise is that training videos can work out a cheaper alternative. Some studies have shown that 85% of every dollar spent on classroom training is spent delivering it (instructor time, travel etc.)*. The beauty of training videos is that they only incur the cost once during which numerous lessons can be filmed.

It is flexible

Another great thing about training videos is that they can be made to work around you and your needs. You don’t have to worry about the availability of the training company, as well as your staff. Video is also a medium that is for everyone, it can be accessed by a wide range of staff and is presented in a way that is easy for them to take it in.

They bring value

We have already mentioned how much easier it is for staff members to access videos over other forms of training. This means that it has a high level of value. Not only does it mean that more and more employees are going to be watching, but they are also much more likely to take in the information that is being presented to them. Furthermore, you can garner statistics about watch time, and get an understand of how your staff are engaging with the content.

Not only this but these videos, when done right, are permanent training resources which can last for years to come.

They could be easier than you think

Whilst you may not feel that you are a master in video, the good news is that video production may be easier than you think. Especially if you ask for the advice, support and guidance of an expert. Having them on board means that you will be able to trust that your training videos are made to the highest standard and deliver the maximum output for the budget.

If you want to make sure that your training videos are made to the highest standard, then why not get in touch with us? We provide high-quality video production services that maximise instructors time and deliver valuable content to your employees.

Let us help you to create videos that have the power to push your brand. Even if it is to deliver the best in-house training for employees.

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