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The Power of Video Marketing

It goes without saying that you will know that marketing your business is incredibly important, however, what you may not know is just what is the most worthwhile approach to marketing for you to take. With so many to choose from, it can be somewhat overwhelming, getting to grips with all of them.

However, one type of marketing that you should definitely know about and try for yourself is video marketing. Don’t believe us? Why not check out some of the below statistics that show you just how powerful video marketing is.

Videos in the online world

Whilst plenty of people do watch TV on a day to day basis, it has now been found that 6 out of 10 people would much rather watch videos online, then tune into their TV and, along with this, mobile consumption is up by 100% each and every year.

YouTube has to be the powerhouse of the online video world. In fact, it is the second most popular website in the online world after Google and there are more than 1 billion hours of video viewed each and every day on YouTube. Not only this, but there are over 1.9 billion people who use YouTube. This makes up about one-third of internet users in total.

Do they actually work?

Aside from more and more people making the effort to watch online videos. You may find yourself wondering if they are actually worthwhile trying and whether they will have the right impact that you are looking for.

Studies have found that there is a direct comparison in watching a video about a product of service. People who watch a video will retain 95% of the message that is being presented, whereas, when they read text that contains the same message, they will only retain 10%.

Video marketing statistics

You also want your viewers to want to share your videos as this will help to get your message across to even more people. All without you having to make any additional effort. The good news is that digital-first video is made to be shared. In fact, 92% of people who watch a video on their mobile phone, are likely to share it with others.

Social media and videos

Social media is hugely powerful when it comes to marketing, especially video marketing. Social media posts are viewed around the world, however, if you add a video to it then you increase the chance that it will be looked at. Social media posts that have videos will be more than likely to have 48% more views than those without.

Social media

Video production and sharing them on the internet is a sure fire way to get your brand noticed. It might be scary to do it and it may take time and effort, but the good news is that it is completely worth doing. Not only will you increase your social media views, but you will also make sure that those who you want to see your brand, will see it and know who you are and what you can do for them.

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