Filming an event video

Reasons Why You Should Film Your Event

Planning an event is important for your business. It is a great way to make sure that your customers learn everything that they need to know about your brand, your product or your service. Not only this, but they are also a chance to show your customers that they are valued and that they are included.

When you have taken the time and made the effort to organise an event, then you are going to want to make sure that as many people as possible take advantage of it.

Of course, you can invite as many people as possible, encouraging them to attend. However, you can take this one step further by filming your event.

Sounds like some extra work we know, so here are the main reasons that you may want to film your event.

Your audience can re-watch the event video or watch at a later date

One of the biggest benefits of filming an event is that it allows people to watch it at a later time. They could be re-watching it as a way to take in key information that they may have missed during the event. Not only this, but if they missed a part, or they were not able to attend at all, then they can still be a part of the event and take advantage of the information that was presented during it.

Marketing potential

The beauty of filming your event is the endless potential for marketing materials. You could cut it down into a 30-second promo for your next event, or even use a 2-minute highlight video to send to leads captured on the day or potential clients. Furthermore, you could repurpose the content for blogs, articles, or press releases.

They can share it

Another great reason to film an event is that those people who did attend or watched it at a later date can then share it. This should be seen as a chance to advertise what you can do, for nothing.

You can share it too

Not only can your customers or attendees share the video to others in their network of friends, family members or colleagues. But you can share it too. This could be your website as a way to bring different content to key pages, or it could be something that you share on social media. Not only does this help if you are finding it hard to create new content, perhaps if you are busy, but it also shows those who didn’t get to attend the event, exactly what they missed out on.

It doesn’t cost that much

If you have spent a fair amount of money on your event, then you are likely to be reluctant to spend any more. The good news is that recording an event doesn’t actually add much more money onto the overall costs. This means that you can take advantage of everything that it has to offer, without worrying about it completely blowing your budget. 

Want to make sure that your event is not only recorded for the future but that it is also recorded in the best quality possible? Why not get in touch with us? Experts in video production for events and any other reason, we can help you to present your event in the best way possible.

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