We are witnessing a shift in the behaviours of the modern digital consumer. They are now seeking out high quality and valuable content, which is why promotional videos are essential to any brands video strategy. We create valuable content for your audience that engages them with your brand.


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This is where we take a deep dive into your company and the brief. What are your business goals? Video content, like all content marketing, is only as powerful as the purpose behind it.

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We utilise our understanding of your business, its goals and the video's audience to create engaging, goal-driven content. From scripting to the shoot itself, post-production, editing and animation this is where it all comes to life.

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Having an amazing video that no one watches defeats the purpose, right? An activation strategy is vital and we're happy to be directly involved or simply provide advice. Rest assured your video will reache its target audience.


The beauty of promotional video is the freedom of choice, it can be funny, serious or fast-paced, all depending on your audience and goals. Some ideas worth considering are:

  • Showcase new products or services
  • Create an emotional piece that resonates with your audience
  • Inspire your audience to get up and take action  
  • Make them laugh, humour when done right can win anyone over
  • Harness the power of user-generated content 
  • Focus on your customers, share their story
  • Present the audience with their problem, then solve it for them
  • Make a short film or miniseries 
  • Create a corporate video 
A Behind the scene photo of a promotional video for My Thai Time
A behind the scene photo of a promotional video for YogaJunky


Short & sweet

How long should your video be? In short, short. As short as possible is generally the best rule of thumb. If you have a lot of information to say why not consider breaking the idea or message down into multiple videos, make a mini-series out of it or drip-feed the content as part of your video strategy. Don’t just take our word for it research from HubSpot identified that an average of 26 seconds receives the most comments on Instagram whilst Facebook audiences engage the most with 1-minute long videos.

Don't wait, animate

Animation is a powerful tool that allows you to dream big. It provides a flexible, controllable environment to express big ideas, and visualise information quickly and clearly.  If you have a software as a service product for example, then animation is a fantastic approach. Animation allows you to bring an intangible product to life whilst adding your own brand’s identity. There are a ton of options for animated videos you can check out here.

Think modular

Where does this video sit in your wider marketing strategy and customer journey? We’re always looking for ways to maximise video and tie it into wider campaigns. This often happens during the planning phase. Here we will identify what makes a great promotional video concept that can be followed up on social media and delivers across platforms for maximum engagement.

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