Live streaming is a fast developing and effective method of next-level audience engagement. It’s never been easier or more integrated for your audience, making it a prime time to tap into this technology. Live streaming offers a limitless world of possibilities from streaming directly to social media, broadcasting your corporate events or even hosting an Esports tournament. 

Harnessing this resource will keep your audience hooked and immersed, giving you the power to interact directly with your existing audience or tap into a new, broader audience pool.


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Corporate Webcasting

We offer seamless high-quality streams of any internal or external communications, all coming with registration and content locking as standard.

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Hybrid Events

Combine a physical event with a virtual audience to maximise your audience reach. Hybrid events enable large audience participation in an environment when delegate numbers and travel are restricted.

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Social Media Streaming

We can deliver to Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram and more, in landscape, portrait or even square! Integrate Q+A's and live polling in your stream to interact directly with your audience.

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We provide everything needed for live production including cameras, vision mixers, comms, lighting, live replay/graphics, autocue, audio and even asset creation.

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Esports & Gaming

We offer multi-camera broadcasts with all the gamers feeds, overlays, tournament and prizing along with admin control. This can be both live-streamed and broadcast in-house.

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Cross Platform Delivery

Maximise your exposure and stream to Zoom, Facebook and Teams simultaneously, making sure your event gets seen by those who matter. We've can stream to as many destinations as required.

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Microsites / OVP

Astery's Broadcast players or OVP's (Online Video Players) can be fully customised with your brand colours and logos and tailored to your needs, it can fulfil delegate registration and e-commerce options to manage ticket purchasing.

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Analysis of the stream is vital for future events, get a deep understanding of what your audience truly engaged with, and where their attention was lost.


Creating an event, broadcast or live stream comes with a unique set of needs, goals and requirements which is why our bespoke service puts you at the centre. At the start of every project we will sit down with you and talk through the event to ensure we truly understand what you want to achieve, and the KPI’s that are key to your business. We can then utilise our experience to provide suggestions and the best methods to achieve your goal, all within your budget. 

Peace One Day BTS


We won’t beat around the bush, events and live streaming can be extremely stressful. There are hundreds of moving parts which all need to come together on time and on budget, to ensure your attendees both virtually and physically have an amazing experience. 

Our aim is to absorb this stress and demystify all aspects of live streaming, allowing you to relax and enjoy the creative process. We’re able to offer as much or as little help in terms of equipment, production or staff, from the full production to just a sound engineer or the live streaming element.


  • We have more than 12 years’ industry experience in both filming and live streaming.
  • The technology we use has been tested and is specifically designed for live streaming.
  • We’re able to provide technical and creative support at every stage of the process.
  • Keeping your live stream online and lag-free is our imperative. We’ve implemented redundancy at every step to eliminate stream signals dropping or lagging. 
  • We take meticulous care in understanding your event and will provide a cost-effective solution to ensure your production comes to life, whilst keeping it on budget. 

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Increase conversion rates

67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event or a similar one

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Engage on a new level

Live content on Facebook receives 10x more comments than regular videos

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Keep their attention

Viewers spend 8X longer with live video than on-demand: 1 minutes for on-demand vs. 42.8 minutes for live video content

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Undeniable growth

The online live streaming industry has grown 99% between April 2019 and April 2020. Live video will account for 17% of internet video traffic by 2022


We’ve only touched on a few services we can stream but the list is endless, here are some more ideas:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Award Ceremonies
  • CEO / Corporate Announcements
  • Interviews
  • Press Conferences
  • Panel Discussions 
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Product Releases 
  • Company Training / Inductions
  • Social media streams
A behind the scene photo of testing equiptment for an upcoming live stream
A photo from our live streaming event video with with SAIFTA


Deliver value

Do you want to stand out and deliver massive value to your audience? Why not live stream a conversation with an influencer or thought leader relevant to your audience/industry?

You could then have a live Q+A with your audience (virtual, physical or both), further increasing interaction. The beauty of this format is you could use it as a lead magnet by marketing the event and gathering details of delegates signing up. After the event you can follow up with them, already having delivered massive value. Alternatively, you could host a more private, VIP event with your loyal customers.

Don't just stream, record

Don’t let a good live stream go to waste, make sure you record everything. Every event that we live stream is captured and recorded, this includes the master program (the main output with cuts, transitions and balanced audio) and each camera feed, audio channel etc. There is a huge marketing potential around ‘tent pole’ events. This content can be edited and utilised as the core material for your post-event marketing drive and also used as highlights for future events. 

Start promoting early

Setting out a clear plan on how to generate interest before the live stream or event will prove invaluable to those all-important views. Each time you engage with your audience on the lead up to the live stream share something new and valuable, like what content they can expect or an interesting fact they may not know about a key speaker etc. 

Back up, back ups and redundancy

“If you have two, you have one; if you have one, you have none”. No truer words have been said when it comes to live streaming and event production. It’s one of our core principles for both physical equipment and data. The last thing you need is a broken cable or key piece of equipment in the chain breaking, leaving you unable to stream. We meticulously plan our equipment list to ensure we have backups and redundancies for everything, along with backing up all content and recording directly to our cameras and audio mixers. We also utilise a portable bonded network to ensure uptime. 

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