Capturing your companies event allows the material to be used for training, an e-learning hub, or even just as exposure for those who could not make it. On top of that, it opens up a variety of content marketing opportunities and posts for social media. 


Marketing potential 
The beauty of filming your event is the endless potential for marketing materials. You could cut it down into a 30-second promo for your next event, or even use a 2-minute highlight video to send to leads captured on the day or potential clients. Furthermore, you could repurpose the content for blogs, articles, or press releases. 

Be a thought leader
Did you have a great speaker with a large following? Use the content to show you’re a thought leader in your space as the video will likely be appreciated by those in your sector who could not make it. We’ve worked with companies who utilised the video as a lead magnet and saw a massive uptick of leads and inbound enquiries. 

SEO Optimisation 
Simply putting the video on your website is not only valuable content for your potential or existing customers, but it works wonders for your SEO. There are a few reasons for this, firstly users will simply stay longer on your website if they are watching videos. Secondly, according to a study from Forrester Research video is 50 times more likely to achieve organic page ranks in Google than plain text results.

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A pre-production icon for the corporate video process

1. Planning & Discovery

To produce and market your event video successfully we will establish the following; why are you making the video, who is your target audience, what is your activation plan and finally where does this sit in your overall content strategy.

2. Technical Brief

Once we fully understand the planned running order of the day(s) we will create an internal technical plan to execute. We will work closely with you to understand if we need to provide lighting or sound equipment, or if that will be provided. Both are key ingredients in making your event video a masterpiece.

3. Final Strategy

Once all the above has been completed, and we have completed a location recce (where available) we will review our plan with you to ensure it covers all of your requirements, once this is signed off we are ready for production!

A behind the scene photo of an event video done in South Africa
A behind the scene photo of an event video

Want to live stream your event?


To get the most out of your event video there are a few things worth bearing in mind.

Level of coverage 
The level of coverage you want can vary depending on the event. Detailed coverage would cover the entire event, speakers, audience reactions, and behind the scenes footage. It’s also a great opportunity to film testimonials with your customers. Alternatively, you may just want to show highlights of the event with some short key speaker moments and cutaways from the day. The approach for both of these formats is very different and it’s important we establish this early on so we can plan accordingly. 

Presentation Slides 
Most, if not all speakers, will want to use slides to accompany their speech, but how will that display on the day? Keeping in mind that we are filming the speaker having slides in the background on a projector can be distracting, and take the spotlight away from their presentation (it all depends on the stage and layout). Our favourite approach is to utilise screens/projectors left and right of the stage, and cut in the presentation slides later for a seamless edit. 

Level of production
Similar to the level of coverage it’s worth considering how much production value you want. This could range from time-lapses of the audience arriving/setting up to on-screen typography and motion graphics on the edit. Or even what type of cameras we use, if you want a dolly (to create smooth horizontal camera movements) or a jib (for stunning high or low shots) etc. 


Event video can be utilised on pretty much any event you have, our clients trust us with various events like:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Award ceremonies
  • Presentations
  • Internal training sessions
  • Leadership talks
  • Corporate events
  • Workshops
  • Trade shows
  • Live demos
  • Annual summits
  • Product launches
  • Live stream your events
A photo from our live streaming event video with with SAIFTA
A behind the scene photo from an event video we did of a play


Series & Microsites

You’ve now got a good backlog of content, but what should you do with it? Leverage the expertise of the speakers at your events as powerful hub content. Why not split your videos up by genres, or speakers, or industry with each speech forming a different video. You could then host these on YouTube, or a similar platform – or even better a microsite. You now have a proven thought leadership content marketing strategy, and provide a valuable resource that people can use for years to come. If your events are for internal training, you could do the same thing but for internal use only, and have a Sales Training section, or HR, etc. 

Don't underestimate audio

Capturing crisp clear audio from the speakers is really important as there is no background music to mask poor audio. Crackling mics or poor audio signals can wreak havoc on someone’s presentation. We work closely (and can provide) with the AV team to utilise wireless mics and soundboards to ensure clear audio is captured. This is important for the in-house event audio and also the recording. 

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