Coronavirus Video Production

Top 3 Tips for Video Production During Coronavirus

Coronavirus has shut down Hollywood, put movie productions to a halt, and ultimately changed the industry as we know it, but what about branded content? The reality is some video formats are just not viable at the moment, but as the old saying goes as one door closes, another door opens. There is still a ton of opportunity for brands to create compelling content, and now is a better time than any. People are stuck at home, Netflix consumption has skyrocketed, and so has your audiences time spent on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. Coronavirus has dramatically increased the time people are spending consuming, sharing and engaging with content, making it a perfect opportunity for brands to communicate with customers.

1. Animate

Animation gives brands total freedom to let their imagination run wild. You can showcase your company, idea, product, or service in an exciting, unique, and engaging way that no other form of media can come close to. The best part is this can all be done remotely, writers and animators can collaborate seamlessly from home. Most of our animators prefer isolation anyway as it allows them to focus on their work!

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Coronavirus animation

2. Go Live

Why not make the most of everyone being stuck at home and create a live stream? Live streaming is a fantastic solution as it allows any number of participants to join remotely and has unparalleled levels of interaction and engagement. We’ve seen our customers have great success live streaming Q+A’s with thought leaders in their industry, or even hosting their own awards ceremonies. Bon Appétit leveraged YouTube to produce a fundraising live show which garnered over 1 million views:

Every participant joined virtually, and not only did the brand raise money for a great cause but it massively increased their brand awareness and exposure. There are a ton of ideas brands can use for a similarly formatted event, some other really simple ideas are hosting a Q+A with your founder or teaching your users how to use your product.

3. Reuse

Video output from brands has exploded over the years as it’s becoming a proven success within their marketing strategy. With all this video content brands have generated massive volumes of footage which, until now, is probably sitting on a dusty hard drive labelled “Archive 2018 – 2019”. Well, it’s time to dust off the old hard drives as coronavirus has just given that old, seemingly useless footage an opportunity to provide massive value.

Take some time to review your old footage, it won’t take you long until new ideas begin to form.  Video editing is often underrated but you would be amazed at what powerful repurposed content you can create. All you need is the raw old footage, a new soundtrack and a fresh new voiceover. Brands can now use old content to create relevant and captivating messages for their audiences.

Another approach to this is utilising stock footage. There is a massive variety of readily available footage on websites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock or Storyblocks to name a few. They provide the tools to search for any type of footage you can imagine to support your story.

Take a look at a recent video from Guinness who utilise a mixture of photos, old footage, stock footage and a voiceover with a clear message:

4. Bonus tip

There is now a trope in coronavirus commercials that brands seem to be sticking too which features sombre piano music and establishing shots of empty cities or board rooms. It’s something people have seen over and over whilst being locked up at home so think outside the box and create something that stands out.

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